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Firefox 4 Friday: 25 million downloads, anti-aliasing, and how to make it look like Firefox 3

Firefox 4 racks up 25 million downloads in 3 days
If you've had your head under a rock for the last few days, here's this week's Firefox news in brief: Firefox 4 was finally released.

Yes, 13 months after the initial release of Firefox 3.7 alpha 1 and four more alpha builds, a renumbering to 4.0 and 12 beta releases, and finally a release candidate (or two), Firefox 4 has been released into the wild.

Just like every other Firefox release, initial reception for the new browser has been nothing short of insane. 7.1 million downloads were registered in the first 24 hours and the download rate continued to accelerate, clocking in more than 15 million downloads after two days. At the time of writing, three days in, Firefox 4 has been downloaded over 25 million times. In case you're wondering, the United States accounts for 7 million of those downloads, just beating out Germany's Firefox-downloads-per-capita.

But now that you've installed Firefox 4 (you have, right?), what do you do now? Well, obviously, in true Download Squad fashion, it's time to tweak Firefox 4 using add-ons and about:config hacks!

First up is an add-on called Stratiform that lets you change every aspect of the Firefox 4 browser chrome -- including the color of that orange button!

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Tasty Planet is a fun flash game where you eat everything in sight

So this professor comes up with a new toilet cleaner that works by "eating" the dirt; or so he thinks. That's how the plot starts for Tasty Planet. You play the role of the toilet cleaner, but you're not really a toilet cleaner after all -- you're a blob of gray goo that can eat anything that's smaller than yourself.

As you chomp away, you grow -- and as you grow, you can eat bigger and bigger stuff. The first level pits you against microscopic particles; by the time I stopped playing, I got all the way to eating cats and dogs. I know that sounds disturbing, but it's a really cute game, and there's no gore or anything like that.

Supposedly you keep growing and growing until you're able to eat whole planets (hence the name). The challenge factor comes when you realize you can't touch any critter larger than yourself - you'll get "bitten" and become smaller. In the beginning you're so small, that a single touch can kill you. Later on, you're big enough that touching larger animals doesn't kill you on the spot, but it does reduce your size. Each level is timed, so if you're not large enough by the time your clock runs out, you need to start again. As long as you don't touch the larger animals, you should be fine.

All in all, a fun, addictive little game. It's available for iOS, too.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

webOS 3.0 beta now available to developers

hp touchpad webos 3.0
With the webOS 3.0 SDK available for almost two months, HP has now given developers access to a beta download of webOS 3.0 -- which powers the upcoming TouchPad and will likely ride along on HP desktops and laptops in the form of an emulator.

Right now, the webOS 3.0 beta is only available to Early Access developers. The crew at PreCentral states that HP appears to have eased up on access restrictions, however, so hopefully more devs will get on board and those of you who are planning to buy a TouchPad in the next couple months will have plenty of slick webOS 3.0 apps to install on your new tablet.

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Incredible Underwater Landscapes Made with Swirling Ink

Ribbons of color swirl and unfurl in stunning, kinetic formations that call to mind coral and other flora and fauna on the ocean floor. Italian photographer Alberto Seveso drops complimentary shades of ink into water and captures the resulting swirls using high-speed photography techniques.

The colors wrap and mix into each other in sensuous interactions that call to mind alien landscapes in this series by Seveso, entitled ?A Due Colori?.

Seveso is also known for his series called ?Ink Riders?, in which a Lego man catches pale blue ink waves.

See more of Alberto Seveso?s work at Behance.


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Flame Fame: 12 Red Hot Designer Fire Stations

When it comes to fire stations, simplicity and usability are foremost but that doesn?t mean form has to take a back seat to function. These 12 hot designer fire stations are hook & ladder leaders in more ways than one, combining WYSIWYG practicality with livability, economy and style.

Brandweer, Weert, The Netherlands

(images via: Revolutioner and Contemporist)

By day or by night, the Weert Fire Station designed by BDG Architects displays a cool modernist vibe tempered by the use of cast steel earthtone panels on its exterior walls. The stylized ?fire? patterns embossed into the panels age naturally under the influence of the weather but their rusty hues manage to evoke the image of smoldering embers.

(images via: Revolutioner and Contemporist)

Inside, carefully considered space management and a conscious effort to introduce exterior light results in a comfortable, livable area that minimizes the need for energy-intensive artificial lighting. Translucent doors on the fire engine bays invite outside observers to view the station?s workings while contributing to the refreshingly light atmosphere within and throughout the structure.

Fire Stations Leipzig, Germany

(images via: Tagebau)

When Tagebau Architekten + Designer were invited to submit their design for a trio of identical feuerwehr (fire stations) in Leipzig, Germany, they focused on keeping costs down through economies of scale. The result was the sleek, modern structure above that resembles a cross section of an airfoil. An extension of the outer walls on one end of the building creates a sheltered outdoor space where station staff can congregate and interact.

(images via: Tagebau)

Another important consideration was the need for the projected stations to be environmentally friendly. By integrating the 4 engine bays smoothly into the building?s structure, thermal transmission through the exterior skin is minimized without affecting the firefighters? need to access the engines quickly and conveniently.

?Ave Fenix? Fire Station, Mexico City

(images via: AP Architecture-Page)

The Ave Fenix Fire Station by BGP Arquitectura was designed as a high boxlike shape that ?almost disappears after the facade.? The use of complementary colors and materials combined with a plethora of slit-like windows that soften the structure?s shape at night help the station blend in with the surrounding urban scene.

(images via: AP Architecture-Page)

Inside, the designers have taken full advantage of the ?big box? plan so as to create a sense of brightness and openness, cancelling out any claustrophobic impressions that the lack of large windows may possibly engender.

Vitra Fire Station, Weil am Rhein, Germany

(images via: Cheetah_flicks, Dom Dada, Modern Architecture Center and Wojtek Gurak)

Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid kicked off her stellar career in a big way with the Vitra Fire Station in Weil am Rhein, Germany. Four years in the making, the station was competed 10 years before Hadid was awarded the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2004.

(image via: Wojtek Gurak)

The Vitra Fire Station gives the appearance of a bird in flight from afar. Closer in, one can see the structure of the building formed from a series of sharply angled flat planes that come together to create a stunning three-dimensional interior space. Ironically, the impetus for this stunning station was a 1981 fire that caused extensive damage to the Vitra design campus in Weil am Rhein. The Vitra Fire Station?s true purpose is to preclude the possibility of such a destructive fire occurring in the future.

Fire Station in Porto Santo, Madeira, Portugal

(images via: Arch Daily)

Lu�s Banazol?s entry in a design competition for a proposed fire station in Porto Santo, Madeira, Portugal emphasizes ease of construction taking into account a site with irregular geometry situated on a small slope. Though steel and concrete are the materials of choice, Banazol?s design appears light, airy and open while retaining ease of access and superior functionality.

(image via: Arch Daily)

The proposed fire station is actually larger than it appears, consisting of a two-story above ground building with large open areas and an integral basement. The size of the building?s component features was dictated by specifications suggested by Portugal?s National Fire Service, challenging Banazol to create a distinctive design within very narrow parameters ? a challenge which he seems to have met admirably.

Porte Pouchet Fire Station + Municipal Motor Transport, Paris, France

(images via: FF3300 and Arch Daily)

French architects Jean-Marc Ibos and Myrto Vitart have a soft spot for firefighters ? how else to explain the Porte Pouchet Fire Station + Municipal Motor Transport in Paris, France? The post-modernist multi-level structure includes a restaurant and a glass-fenced terrace with a running track while just outside, a regulation-sized soccer field offers a grassy expanse for practicing The Beautiful Game.

(image via: Arch Daily)

It?s not ALL fun & games for the firefighters at Porte Pouchet, however. Interior space includes bedrooms for up to 50 firemen, workshops and administrative offices. One singular design feature stands out: the terrace ceiling is made up of a mirror-polished sheet of stainless steel perforated by acoustic insulation. The design acts to trap noise from the road outside and prevent it from reflecting into the building below.

Fire Station 18, Oakland, California

(images via: Architecture-View and Inhabitat)

The Oakland Fire Department?s Fire Station 18 may look red thanks to its brick walls but it?s actually green, inside and out. Designed by Shah Kawasaki Architects to be an environmentally sound and toxin-free replacement for a demolished traditional fire station, Fire Station 18 was built with sustainable materials and features x natural ventilation system and a radiant-heated floor. These efforts paid off when the completed station was awarded LEED Gold status.

(image via: Inhabitat)

Fire Station was not only designed to be green, it?s environmentally friendly in its daily functions as well. features include a solar hot water heater, a highly efficient HVAC system, denim insulation and cool roofing materials. Community involvement was arranged by contracting out the building?s outside wall decor to a public art project.

Fire Station, Radebeul, Germany

(images via: Tagebau)

Tagebau Architekten + Designer?s proposal for a fire station in Radebeul, a suburb of Dresden, Germany, was designed on a clean slate. It looks like it?s made from clean slate as well: slab sides and an ultra-clean profile speaks of no-frills, bare bones modern aesthetics.

(images via: Tagebau)

It may be unadorned but Tagenau?s fire station is anything but inefficient. The structure assumes the form of an open-ended courtyard to facilitate community use, while the engine exits are positioned so that the bulk of the building blocks sound from reaching a nearby housing development.

Monaghan Fire Station, Monaghan, Ireland

(images via: Architecture News Plus)

Designed by Van Dijk International, the Monaghan Fire Station features a noticeably tilted front fa�ade ?expressing the readiness of the fire brigade to respond quickly and efficiently to an emergency.? Yellow accents on the main windows and red framed engine bay doors contrast with the building?s deep gray brick and cladding while evoking the colors traditionally associated with firefighting.

(images via: Geograph and Furniture Fair)

The station?s design incorporates 6 dedicated vehicle bays, a drill tower for training, a CCTV system, workshop areas and a canopy area for smokers. Yes, smokers? well, it?s not as if they?re going to start a fire or anything.

Clovis Fire Station No.5, Clovis, California

(images via: Masonry Systems and Jazzportraits)

Completed in 2007, Clovis Fire Station No.5 was designed by Don Dommer Associates and is a triumph of sustainable design. Its construction involved the extensive use of recycled and low-pollutant materials while natural lighting was maximized through the use of clerestory lighting, shaded windows and a skylight over the front entry.

(images via: Arc Hop)

The 10,500 square foot station houses a crew of 6 and features a conference room, kitchen & dining area, a day room, fitness facilities and an 80-ft. apparatus bay. An open truss roof system supports a gently arching steel roof sheltering the three-bay engine and service garage.

Fire and Rescue Services Building, Libourne, France

(images via: ArcelorMittal)

Designed by Atelier des Architectes Mazi�res and Agence Ragueneau et Roux and completed in 2009, the Fire and Rescue Services Building in Libourne, France, is made up of two complementary structures: a silver-colored technical structure housing the firefighters? living quarters and equipment and a mainly red administration block containing offices and training facilities. A simple, monolithic fire tower gives the station its identity as well as serving for training purposes.

(image via: ArcelorMittal)

As the facility was conceived as being environmentally friendly both during and after construction, heavy use was made of 100% recyclable Aluzinc which is steel clad with a weather-resistant aluminum-zinc alloy. The Aluzinc panels making up the exterior walls are stamped with a wave pattern, meant to symbolize the importance of water to firefighters and firefighting.

Bergen Brannstasjon, Bergen, Norway

(images via: ArchitectureLover and Urbika)

The sweeping layout of the Bergen Brannstasjon (fire station) curves inwardly against a small lake highlighted by a flying bridge and an asymmetrically placed drill tower. The design, by Oslo-based architects Stein Halvorsen Sivilarkitekter, strives for sustainability while adding one more appealing public component to Bergen?s vibrant lakefront area.

(image via: Top Box Design)

What?s a fire station without a fire pole? The Bergen Brannstasjon?s fire pole has also undergone the designer treatment. Retaining its uncompromising functionality, the pole is surrounded by varying textured materials and open views to the outside that act to bring light into the building during the day.

(image via:

?In case of emergency, break glass?? this unorthodox fire station located somewhere in Eastern Europe goes one further by putting a fireman (a dummy, we presume) in a glass bubble protruding out from the station?s upper level. It seems a bit too far away for someone at street level to break the glass ? perhaps that?s the intention.


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Google Chrome and Chromium add protection against malicious downloads

google chrome malicious download
Google Chrome already sports a number of security-minded features, from Incognito mode to a software sandbox which makes exploiting the browser a Herculean task. Now, Google has announced additional protection for Chromium and Chrome users.

Built upon the Safe Browsing API, the new feature introduces protection against malicious downloads. If a download link appears in the Safe Browsing blacklist, Chrome and Chromium will warn users against downloading -- a save button is still presented, of course, in case you're convinced a file is perfectly safe to download.

We'd like to see something a bit more eye-catching than the red warning icon -- like perhaps painting the entire bar red. Many of the people a feature like this aims to protect probably won't notice the icon or change in wording as they'll be focused on clicking the save button.

Google is initially making download protection available to Chrome dev channel users, and you'll likely see it in Canary and Chromium snapshot builds as well. After thorough testing, beta and stable users will be next in line.

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New F1 season could prove unpredictable

The Formula 1 teams arrived in Melbourne's Albert Park to be greeted by grey skies, intermittent rain and blustery wind. But not even the weather could dampen the palpable excitement and nervous tension.

The start of the new season is just a few hours away and everyone from world champions Red Bull to lowly HRT is desperate to find the answer to the question they have been asking all winter. Where will they be come Saturday and Sunday afternoons?

The F1 teams like to keep outsiders guessing before the first race by saying they don't know where they are in terms of competitiveness, but usually this is little more than kidology.

Such is their capacity to analyse data with massive super-computers that usually they have a very good idea of their position in relation to their rivals, despite the well-known difficulty of predicting form from pre-season testing.

But this year seems different; they genuinely don't seem to know - so the usual anticipation ahead of the first race of the season is magnified.

Lewis Hamilton said that judging by the data that mattered from winter testing he felt McLaren were "in the top three or four".

Ferrari's Fernando Alonso has also bigged up his team's chances for the 2012 season. Photo: Getty

Meanwhile, a senior engineer from one of the teams who will be contesting what is expected to be a congested midfield battle told me he was pretty sure Red Bull and McLaren were out front but he didn't know "whether we will be third or seventh".

Some people's anticipation is more nervous than others', though.

For teams such as Mercedes and Lotus, there is a genuine sense that they have done a good job and moved forward over the winter.

In fact there is a growing sense in the paddock that Mercedes may even be able to give McLaren and Red Bull a run for their money, something team principal Ross Brawn was quick to dismiss as "unlikely".

For others, the desire to discover the true pace of their car is tinged as much with trepidation as anticipation.

Ferrari have had what Fernando Alonso described here on Thursday as a "tough" winter, struggling with "quite a complex car in terms of set-up and understanding it".

Alonso was doing his best to talk up the team's chances, saying: "Maybe we didn't reach our targets but it doesn't mean that we are slower than the other cars. That we will not know until Saturday."

Others are keen to play down the importance of this first race of the season.

Vettel said that Australia this weekend and Malaysia next would do no more than demonstrate a "trend" for performance over the season.

And Brawn said he "preferred to look at the first four races and the range of circuits we have and see how that looks".

But the statistics belie that point of view.

Albert Park might be a unique street circuit, with a dusty, low-grip surface, and the teams may only just be beginning to work with their new cars. But actually it has proven to be a rather good arbiter of the season to come - five of the last six winners of the Australian Grand Prix have gone on to become world champion that year.

Other themes are also emerging this weekend that will have importance to one degree or another as the season develops.

F1 wouldn't be F1 without a good technical conspiracy and this year looks like being no different.

Already during pre-season testing there have been eyebrows raised at the way some teams are trying to exploit exhaust gases for aerodynamic effect.

This practice was supposed to have been ended by rule changes that have restricted the positioning and angle of the exhaust pipes and put much stricter limits on engine mapping - both an attempt to rid the sport of so-called exhaust-blown diffusers that became such important tools over the previous two seasons.

But this weekend another potential controversy has emerged over the rear wings on several cars, particularly the Mercedes, Red Bull and the Ferrari.

These new devices - that some believe to be on the fringes of legality - seem designed to exploit the DRS overtaking aid in ways not originally intended.

The DRS was designed as a tool to make overtaking less difficult - if a driver is within a one-second margin of a car he is trying to overtake, he can use the DRS in a specified zone on the track to give him a straight-line speed boost.

Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari, meanwhile, have what appear to be extra slots on the rear wing that can work in conjunction with the DRS to either increase straight-line speed even further, or allow the teams to run extra downforce with no drag penalty.

The most noticeable feature of the 2012 cars, though, remains the noses - and specifically the ugly 'platypus' step on all but the McLaren and Marussia.

This is a result of a rule that has lowered the nose tips of the cars to increase driver safety, but not lowered the top of the chassis.

The result is a grid full of ridiculous and ugly-looking cars, and very few are troubling to hide their frustration at the situation.

"It is unfortunate," Brawn said, "and the teams should look at themselves and blame themselves.

"[Governing body] the FIA tried to do what they could and a number of teams wouldn't agree to the changes because they said they wanted to carry over their chassis, which we all know is a load of nonsense because nobody has carried over their chassis.

"We've ended up with a very odd feature on the cars which is not very endearing and I'm sure will get fixed for 2013."

The noses, of course, will soon be forgotten if the season is close and competitive. And that will only begin to become clear as this weekend unfolds.


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The latest from ?Rampage:? good-bye UFC, hello rap career

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson took to Twitter and HDNet's "Inside MMA" to make his case for the UFC to let him go so he can fight elsewhere, or not fight at all. Last week, Jackson called the UFC� "U fight cheap." Now he says it's not about the money. It's all about the love.

First, he spoke up on Twitter. "I'm not complaining about money, cause I'm about 2 make a lot less money now,but at least the people I fight 4 will appreciate what I do 4 mma."

See? He just wants someone to say thank you. He later added in the HDNet interview:

"The UFC talks about being in a billion homes. They're making all this money. Yet I'm making less money than I used to make with the UFC. The UFC is getting bigger, which means I'm getting bigger, but I'm making less money. Why?"

So it might be a little bit about money. He also is not happy with matchmaking, and wanted to throw some violence UFC matchmaker Joe Silva's way.

"I think (UFC matchmaker) Joe Silva needs to be slapped in the face," he said. "I'm sorry, (but) you've got a fighter like me who likes to go out there and fight fights, so why do you keep giving me wrestlers who are going to take me down and hump me?"

Four of Jackson's last five opponents wrestled collegiately. He lost three of those fights.

But not all is bad in Jackson's world. He tweeted that he is going to put out some of his own music soon. Cage Potato found footage of him singing rapping in a Japanese nightclub. It's only 20 seconds long, but it does manage to have NSFW language.

It's no "SUPA FIGHT LEEEEEG." Perhaps fighting is the better career path for Jackson.


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The Largest Collection of XBee Projects on the Web

When I opened up Digi?s new Tumblr, I was delighted to see a couple of my projects on the front page. The maker of XBee radios is now curating the Largest Collection of XBee Projects on the Web. From Liz Presson:

So many of you are using XBee radios to create amazing things, that we?ve created a place to feature your work. Musical shoes, digital dominoes, interactive sculptures and autonomous penguins await!

Isn?t it wonderful to see a component manufacturer shining the spotlight on makers? projects?


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Sun Devil startup in final round of Inc Magazine contest

Posted: March 16, 2012

ASU student startup Arizona Pro DJs has grown into a full-scale event business focusing on teen events.
Photo by: Arizona Pro DJs

Now a senior at ASU, Arizona Pro DJs founder Will Curran first learned to spin during his freshman year of high school via a "DJ in a Box Kit."
Photo by: Arizona Pro DJs

Arizona Pro DJs founder Will Curran says, "My goal is always to bring a club atmosphere to dances, complete with lights, lasers, floor setups, a DJ booth, etc."
Photo by: Arizona Pro DJs

Recently, the Arizona Pro DJs made the finals for Inc Magazine?s ?America?s Coolest College Start-Ups? contest.
Photo by: Arizona Pro DJs

?I love playing music for others and entertaining people,? said Will Curran, proudly wearing a neon green t-shirt with his company name, Arizona Pro DJs, across the front.

Now a senior at Arizona State University, Curran first began the special events business during his freshmen year of high school after learning to spin via a ?DJ in a Box Kit.? From there, Curran went from playing for his friends in his bedroom to DJing at local birthday parties.

?Looking back I don?t know how I made it work with that kit,? Curran said. ?I was really hesitant to begin DJing because I was known for my electronic music, I didn?t know any of the top 40 hits.?

To counteract this problem, Curran had a friend tag along and instruct him on which records to play. Eventually, he started studying the mainstream scene and could stand on his own. Curran also used the money he earned to buy better gear for his productions.

It was at this point that he realized his passion for music was becoming his profession. Curran knew that in order to be taken seriously he would need three essential items: a website, business cards, and, of course, a company name. He decided on Arizona Pro DJs because it was simple and straight to the point.

Curran quickly became the go-to DJ for Catholic high schools and middle schools in downtown Phoenix. With his business gaining speed, he began hiring fellow DJs, MCs, a production crew, a management team and sales team to help manage the business.

?We are now a full-scale event business focusing on teen events. We offer entertainment, production and even the planning of parties,? said Curran. ?My goal is always to bring a club atmosphere to dances, complete with lights, lasers, floor setups, a DJ booth, etc.?

His hard work has not gone unnoticed either. The Arizona Republic named Curran among the top 35 Entrepreneurs Under 35, and, in 2011, the Social Media Examiner ranked Arizona Pro DJs in the top 5 for Small Business Facebook Pages in the world.

Recently, the company made the finals for Inc Magazine?s ?America?s Coolest College Start-Ups? contest. The contest runs until March 30, wherein the company with the most votes from the public will be named the winner, and receive a trip to the Inc Magazine leadership summit in Miami, Fla.

For his fellow entrepreneurs just starting out, Curran is never speechless for words of advice.

?If you have an idea, just do it. Even if someone has similar business idea, you will win by doing it bigger and better then them,? Curran said. ?It?s also really important to surround yourself the best people and never give up.?

To vote for Arizona Pro DJs in Inc Magazine?s contest, visit


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Saturday, March 17, 2012

A.H. Harris - CM

A.H.Harris is looking for a few good candidates for several positions we have in our division.


The first one is part time in our estimating dept. assisting Steve Zbell ( soon to be a CCSU Grad ).  Our territory has been expanded to include New York City and New Jersey. We are currently chasing over $11 Billion Dollars in Road and Bridge work in the Greater NYC market, as well as $3 Billion dollars in New Jersey.


The second position is a full time job as a rental administrator in our New Haven office. This position requires someone who is detail oriented, can juggle several tasks at the same time, manage their time effectively, and have good personal skills to work with both Harris staff and our customers.


The third position is for the same as above, but in our Fairfield, N.J. office.  This position requires the individual to relocate to the Greater Fairfield, N.J. area.


These positions are ready for immediate placement.  If you have a few 2012 grads that would like to talk to us, please have them send over their resumes to my attention.


The quality and caliber of people that we have employed from CCSU over the years has grown attention from our entire company and has become a model for our hiring practices going forward. Thanks for running a strong program at CCSU.  We look forward to hiring more of your students in the future.


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?Rampage? Jackson unhappy with pay, wants to fight outside the UFC

From the department of biting the hand that feeds you, Quinton Jackson complained on Twitter about the UFC and said his next fight in the UFC will be his last.

"I feel sorry for my next opponent, no matter who or what it is," Jackson wrote via Twitter. "I will fight whoever they put in front of me ? I always have ? but it will be my last fight in the UFC.� I have other things on my mind. I didn't say I would be done fighting; I just said I'm not fighting for the UFC (u fight cheap)."

Jackson's most recent salary information was from UFC 96 in 2009, where he made $325,000. It doesn't count locker room bonuses, sponsorship money or a cut of the pay-per-view. As a headliner, it's likely Jackson's contract calls for pay-per-view money.

To review, the UFC stood by Jackson as he went on a hit-and-run driving rampage, as he took a break from fighting to film "The A-Team" plus do all the publicity required for the movie, during the many times he treated media like a punching bag, and when he insulted their own color commentator and another fighter working as an analyst.

Before UFC 144, the UFC's doctor sent him to an age specialist, who gave him testosterone therapy and helped make him healthy enough to fight and enjoy himself more in the bedroom.

There are fighters who have a legitimate reason to be unhappy with their pay and treatment by the UFC. Jackson is not one of them.


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Skype 5.3 for Windows released, improves mobile video call quality

Version 5.3 of Skype for Windows has just been released, with the main emphasis of the new release being improved call quality, and the quality of video received by mobile Skype users. Presumably one party of the video call must be using Skype for Windows 5.3, though.

Beyond improved call quality, not much has changed. You can now see your friends' presence icons when contact cards are collapsed, and the topic editing button is now always visible on the conversation header. For a complete list of changes, hit up the Skype Garage blog.

Download Skype 5.3 for Windows

Skype 5.3 for Windows released, improves mobile video call quality originally appeared on Download Squad on Thu, 07 Apr 2011 12:17:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Frank Fry NIKON Richard Haidegger Wilf Billington ON SEMICONDUCTOR Silvio Grassetti